Saturday, May 2, 2015

No Words Needed! Fab and Jada are running the game BAR FOR BAR

No words needed this, you all know what it is. Every Friday Fabolous and Jadakiss are bring it. No one is Hip Hop right now is giving the fan this. The anticipation for freestyles?!?! No other artist are bringing you this hype right now in the game. This is new wave in the game, pick a dope DJ, grab a nice beat and go bar for bar. You better be spittin!!!!

No days off for Fab. He’s in Vegas for the fight and is still making moves! Moving his #FridayNightFreestyles into the early hours in Sin City, Fab does it again over Hov’s “Throw ya hands up”. Jay fans are living with this!

Jadakiss continues his Freestyle Fridays series, this time teaming up with Styles P to trade bars on Block Work. Kiss chooses Cam’ron‘s "Losin’ Weight" instrumental for this week’s edition.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Freestyle Friday! Hip Hop is getting back to being exciting!

They do it again! Fabolous and Jadakiss are going bar for bar with this movement. Kiss keeps his ‘Friday Massacre’ series rolling with a freebie over Big Daddy Kane’s seminal opus, “Young, Black & Gifted”, while Fab throws friendly fire at Jada with his solo cut from the Lox’ "Money, Power & Respect". This weeks punchlines are sick!!

To break down the science of this, They're taking shots at each other via freestyle! This brings back to the true essence of Hip Hop!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

7 Weeks In A Row - Fabolous Does It Again!

Fabolous hasn't let us down yet! 7 Weeks in a row!! I'm just ready for this DJ Clue mixtape to drop now! Fab drops his "Been Around The World" freestyle right after posting several Instagram videos last night teasing his fans with a studio session. Fabs Day-1 fans have to be loosing sleep with this! 

This is a movement! Real Hip Hop is back!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Is dropping random freestyles becoming the new wave? New freesytle from Jadakiss

It appears that New York radio station Power 105 is adopting in on the tradition “Freestyle Friday” outlook of Hip Hop. For the last several weeks, Fabolous has reconnected with DJ Clue and has been bringing that HEAT to the table over various instrumentals. All of these beats have been 90’s beats. While Fabolous and Clue hold it down Friday nights, Envy‘s got the morning shift. Kicking things off with Jadakiss over Jay Z’s beats “Where I’m From” & "Jigga My Nigga". 2 in 1 day!!!!

This trend is definitely going to be the new wave of Hip Hop and the direction it is going. As I said before, in the direction the game is going, artist have to have BARS, your average sing along rapper is not going to be able to hang with the new wave nor the monsters it’s bringing with it.

This is looking like, The Breakfast Club is going to hit you in the morning with it and DJ Clue is going to hit you at night with it. All of this leads me to believe is that, there’s a possible DJ Envy mixtape coming out and DJ Clue mixtape coming out! Hip Hop is getting back to the bars, and you gotta love that!

Where Im From Freestyle
Ya'll Haters Freestyle
Jadakiss sounds right at home with these joints. Between the typically Jada flow, Jada slightly changes up the hooks reppin Yonkers and sounds. As he would put it, “rugged and raw.”

New Fabolous freestyle drops tonight!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Buzz :: A$AP Rocky sophomore album 'A.L.L.A.' release date & single

With less than a month away, A$AP Rocky reveals that his sophomore album ‘A.L.L.A’ will drop May 12th. Rocky has steadily taunted his fans with light details about a new project, but it’s official now! A.L.L.A. stands for ‘At.Long.Last.ASAP’. This May 12th date is sooner than expected according to details Rocky has given in prior interviews. Rocky claims this is his best work yet. Here is a recent track from the up and coming album, ‘M’s’ This is song is POPPIN!

The Buzz :: Kanye drops new song with feat. Kendrick Lamar

After dropping a demo version of “All Day”, here is the unofficial version! This version is not fully mixed to be album quality, but that will definitely be coming out soon, I’m sure! You have to love seeing collaborations like this. All this does is build the hype for Kanye’s up and coming up album ‘So Help Me God’. As far as a release date on the album, there won’t be a release date! Kanye is going to drop this album in the middle of the night on a random date… just wait, JoeyTheHipHopHead told you!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Exclusive!! Fabolous does it again! Freestyle Friday!

Fabolous does it again with another #FridayNightFreestyle! If you haven’t been keeping up with this movement I can’t respect you as a Hip Hip fan. What Fab is doing here is setting the bar with BARS! All of this hints to an upcoming DJ Clue mixtape, which is going to be crazy, and it also hints to up & coming and current artist that if you’re going to step in this Hip Hop game, you better bring bars or be out! Your favorite “sing along” rappers will not be able to keep with this and I love that!

Fabolous has been consistent for the past 5 weeks with this movement, and all of the tracks are over 90’s beats! At the end of the day, you have to have BARS. This freestyle battle rap flow is going to be the new wave for Hip Hop for the next years to come, it gives more appreciation to lyrics and punch lines. You can click HERE for the first 3 Weeks of #FridayNightFreestyle links. Listed below are Weeks 4 and 5. GAWD!!

Let’s just break down Week 5 for a sec. This freestyle is off the Quiet Storm instrumental. Fabolous says, “I used to sit & watch Knicks move no Melo… Now I get to make king moves on rose pedals”, basically what Fab is saying, he went from hustling nick bags to living like a king as in the movie Coming to America. That BARS!!! No other artist is giving us that these days! No one has the fan pressed to hear what’s coming next! Fabolous is his own movement right now and can’t no one see him, facts!

Week 4

Week 5