Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Begging for Season 2! - Money & Violence

Money & Violence is a YouTube series based out of Brooklyn, New York. The story line is so good, it has viewers begging for a 2nd Season, Hip Hop artist rapping about it and shows like ‘Empire’ stealing quotes from it.

Money & Violence is about showing people that survival is different where ever you go so how dare someone judge ones perception of survival as Rafe states in a scene. Rafe one of the main men behind M&V, feels a man that works 10 jobs to survive isn't cutting just like how some may look down on robbing and stealing to survive, either way both parties are doing what they feel they have to do.

Now how it relates to Hip Hop in a sense that the cultured music brings to in when it comes to the minority communities as in being young and dumb and not the things they do and how they do it are stupid. M&V allows you to see that being a "street cat" has a lot more thinking and a lot more intelligence than someone one who has never lived that lifestyle would think. Rafe also touches base on how the media news and social networks play apart of what you believe about his culture & lifestyle in M&V. He said in an interview from on The Breakfast Club "You see a guy shot dead in Brooklyn and you think, ‘Oh whoever killed him was an animal’ but you don't know the whole real story, you don't know if that guy laying dead was trying to harm who shot him and the guy killed him to defend himself", basically don't judge a book by its cover. They use their intellect to ensure their safety and large pay off.

M&V is a show with a great story line that no matter what life you live you will have a better understanding of a person who feels like they have no other options but to resort to actual money & violence. Season 1 consists of betrayal acts of loyalty and how to get money and the things that come with choosing to be in the streets, the streets of Brooklyn. I, myself cannot wait until Season 2!! Click HERE or visit Cloud9tv.net for Season 1!
Trailer for Season 1

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fabolous drops another freestyle! Possible mixtape?!

If you haven't been keeping up, Fabolous has dropped 3 freestyles in the past 3 weeks. Each freestyle is on an old school/older beat, and all come at you in a 'battle' angle. Fabs flow on each one seems like he's in a rap battle, which has each track going bar for bar! At the end of the day, I scene a Fab mixtape coming soon! If this happens, it will only be right that the mixtape be a DJ Clue mixtape, due to the fact that you hear Clue's chant on each one of these freestyles. I'm hype for this, this is going to take the game back to having bars. I can't wait, get these non having bars sing along artist out the game!

Each of these freestyles have dropped on a Friday night/early Saturday morning. Wonder what will come next week?!

Here are the 3 tracks (in order) thous far! Listen!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ezzy - The Youth Of Hip Hop

If you have not heard this, you got to! All I can say is just LISTEN. S/O to this young man Ezzy / Everything Ezzy out of Cleveland, Ohio, out here following his true passion with heat! Ezzy went on Sway in the Morning and killed it! It's real good seeing this, especially when the art of Hip Hop is in question. I'm telling you all now, the game is getting back to BARS! You either got em or you don't!



The Buzz :: New Projects and Releases

There a lot to look forward to these next few weeks and next couple of months with new albums set to be released! Some of these projects are much anticipated and I feel are going to ring bells for this up and coming summer.

Kendrick Lamar’s new album entitled ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ that is set to be released Monday, March 23rd. He has already released several singles online off the album like ‘The Blacker The Berry’ and ‘King Kunta’, which are both interesting tracks, but little did you know “Christmas has come early this year.” ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ can be streamed in its entirely right now?! I don’t how I feel about letting the entire album stream freely like that, but at the end of the day, the album was going to be leaked anyway. Sources from K-Dots camp says that it was mistake on Interscope and they’re not happy about it either. This could be a Win-Win move for K-Dot, only time will tell. Listen to the stream of ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ by clicking HERE.

Wale has his 4th album ‘The Album About Nothing’ set to be released Tuesday, March 31st. I feel this album has that heat everyone has been missing from Wale! Singles like ‘The Matrimony’ ft. Usher and ‘The Body’ ft. Jeremih, has me wanting to see what’s up the sleeves of this album. If you have not heard Wale’s most recent mixtape ‘Festivus’, you have no idea what you’re missing and when you hear ‘The Album About Nothing’, it’s going to smack you right in the mouth! I’m definitely hype about this release.

The Body’ ft. Jeremih

Kanye West 7th solo album ‘So Help Me God’ is set to be released some time this year. There is no set release date but a few singles off the album have been dropped, tracks like ‘All Day’ and ‘Only One’ has the average fan guessing on which direction is Kanye going with this. ‘All Day’ has a completely different sound than ‘Only One’. For the most part I feel this different sound is a good change of pace, hopefully "The Old Kanye” is back. Kanye has said himself that the album is only 80% done and will have a lot of ‘feel good’ music. He’s doing it for the people.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review :: Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise

 Big Sean released his third album yesterday, entitled Dark Sky Paradise. I feel this album is Big Sean’s best album thus far. I also feel that it’s the best Hip Hop album to be put out in the past few months, without debate. When it comes to ‘Bars’, no one in the game is coming as hard as Big Sean right now. I see it as; Big Sean knows his place in the game and only very few notice it. He’s tired of not being looked at as a “Tier 1” rapper, and he feels he deserve the proper recognition, I think he definitely does.

The tracks on this album are so dope, with collaboration from Kayne, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown and John Legend. There’s only so much I can't put into words on how to describe the impact this album has during this time in Hip Hop. The average fan needs to fully understand how Big Sean’s flow is defining the outlook of REAL Hip Hop for the future.

If you have not seen Big Sean’s interview from yesterday morning on The Breakfast Club, you have too! The interview can be found below. Throughout this interview, you will see Big Sean’s growth as a star and as a person. Charlemagne did a awesome job with hitting Sean with the perfect questions about specific word play and reasoning behind each song. Talks about being signed to Roc Nation and the comfort of the business there is much better. Sean makes it clear that he was truly himself during the making of this album; he touched topics from the street to topics close to home.

My overall outlook of the album, 12 tracks, 15 tracks on the Deluxe version, 9 tracks are all bangers!!!! I would list specific songs to look out for but this is a NO SKIP album!! Big Sean goes in without a doubt; I’m rockin this album endlessly! The envelope had been pushed!

Two of my favorite tracks from Dark Sky Paradise are listed below...


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rae Sremmurd - Slim Jxmmi Interview

 Unexpectedly ran into Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd and definitely had to chop it up with him. From the beginning of the conversation it was nothing but jokes and clowning around, I could tell he was truly being himself and was very humble. I was surprised to see that it was just him and a friend out and I proceeded to ask him questions about fan interaction and not being able to do normal everyday things. He basically understood that was going to come with the territory, and he's all for it. On a more of exclusive note, Rae Sremmurd will be on tour with Nicki Minaj very soon! This tour news is still in the works but Slim gave me the "for sure" that's it going down. I'm ready to see how that's going to turn out, I'm sure they share a lot of the same fans. The next single to be released from Rae Sremmurd will be 'This Could Be Us', which can be found on SremmLife. 'This Could Be Us' can be played below. #SremmLife #FreeThePot

Friday, February 13, 2015

Review :: Drake - ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’

As I mentioned before (Click Here), there were rumors of an up coming Drake mixtape, and that is exactly what happened – ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’. The one thing that is getting me is the confusion. People want to call this an album and some are want to call this a mixtape. Those who want to call this an album feel that Drake wanted to fulfill his Cash Money contract by dropping this “album” because he is soon to leave the recording label. Those who want to call this release a mixtape feel that it is because of the timing of it, this release date is the 6 year anniversary of 'So Far Gone'. Others see it is as, Drake just had these song stashed and just wanted to put something out, but who knows this exact truth?!

All I know is that last night, Drake had everyone tuned in! Bars were let loose and shots were fired! Overall, I feel the collection was OK. 17 tracks total and only 4 of them I could say are really Dope. From a music point of view, very good, Drake is talented as fuck! BUT from a Hip Hop’s point of view, it was aight. There was way too much R&B on this for it hit hard as a Hip Hop collection of art. Don’t get me wrong, Drake has a few Ginuwine samples that went in on some tracks! The hardest track on here was ‘6PM in New York’, you all can listen to this below. The track below is unofficial due to copyright.

The rumors of the mixtape/album ‘Too Far Gone’ totally disappeared after last night. As far as those shots being fired, no shots that I know of were taken at Baby, but I haven’t dug that deep into it about Baby. Shots were definitely targeted towards Tyga though; I’ll save that juice for the listener. The bigger story is, where is Tyga going to go after he leave Cash Money? If Drake is taking shots at you, that clearly shows Tyga is not going Young Money, this also brings up, who is going to sign Tyga?! Tyga is garbage! Oh boy!