Monday, April 9, 2012

Update - My work, What's Buzzin & What's To Come

I've been gone from my blog for a minute but I've definitely been up to par with the music. So lets just get to it. It's been a lot poppin off lately and it wouldn't be right if i didn't address what's in the spotlight.

My Work

I've linked up with Reese Lew from back right about the time I posted my last blog. She came at me with an idea for a story/blog that covered the top 5 Hip Hop artist of the past year of 2011, I felt it was a bit late since we were already in March but then I thought about was only right that some real Hip Hip Heads got together and did something like this, fuck the industry...its corrupted anyway. Here is the link to that -> Her site is definitely legit and filled with the latest. Peep that on regular, especially since I'm going to be working with her. I'm so b

What's Buzzin & What's to Come

Nas - New album coming soon, the album is called "The Don". One of the newest singles off the album is entitled "Nasty", most definiltey a hit. I can't wait til the album drops. Hip Hop needs this!!

Nicki Minaj - Nicki is buzzin like crazy, but when isn't she? I, myself has gained more respect for her and  her music over the past year. Her love for Hip Hop is real and genuine and she pays homage to where it is due, you got to love that. On that note, she recently was on The Breakfast Club and spoke about how she does pay homage and mentioned her new song with Cam'Ron and also expressed how much love she had/has for the Dipset movement. I salute to that!! The song she has with Cam'Ron also features Rick Ross, the song is called "I Am Your Leader".   

Nicki also has her song "Beez in the Trap" ft. 2 Chainz which is buzzin like hell! The video was just recently released and speaking for myself, I say its the best video of the year so far, and it's sexy.

2 Chainz - Speaking of this guy, 2 Chainz has made himself known like no other. As far as southern rappers go, no one is grindin harder than this dude. Much respect and his flow is SICK!! "Truuuuu". Check his newest video for his single called "Riot". 

The Game - New mixtape out called "California Republic". I haven't heard all of it so far but it's something you just have to plug in and hear out. The Game has a solid flow and can put out hits. The only thing is don't like about his flow is that I feel he can't make a song with out mentioning someone's name or a brand or something of such. I still salute him thought. He has the West on his back. 
J. Cole and Diggy Simmons - On April Fools a song called "What You Say To Me" by Diggy Simmons was mysteriously leaked. It is with out a doubt a J. Cole diss track in response to 2 songs called "Purple Rain" and "Grew Up Fast" which were previous released by J. Cole. I was a little confused at first because these songs are over a year old, but once I a heard the interview of Diggy right after the leak, he says himself that "What You Say To Me" was made a year ago and he had no intentions of releasing it but somehow it was leaked, so it is what it. In the song Diggy comes to a defense for his sister Vanessa, who is mentioned in "Purple Rain". Til this day J.Cole hasn't said anything about it, but I'm sure that won't be for long. If there's battle between these two, so be it. I feel it would be good for Hip Hop. If not, oh well, I can't imagine this blowing up into something crazy big. Both artist are still on their way up to the top and both have solid flows. We'll just have to see what happens. Here are the links to these 3 songs.

Kanye West - This dude!! Kanye just recently release his newest single called "Theraflu" and it's probably this hottest song out right now. Kanye spazzes as usual and mentions Wiz, Kim Kardashian, Chris Humphey and Jay-Z in the song. It's definitely at the top of my current playlist. This song is a PROBLEM. Kanye is a movement all by himself. He just recently signed a deal with Louis Vuitton, he has his new shoes coming out soon; the Kanyeezy's. He also has his squad/label G.O.O.D. Music coming out with bangin singles and lets not forget about his album! Kanye is going to be a force to reckoned with this year. Peep "Theraflu"...    & also Peep G.O.O.D. Music Big_Sean , Pusha T, 2 Chains & Kanye West) - "Mercy"

Drake - Drake released his newest videos for "HYFR" and "Take Care", both of these songs are on his latest album, "Take Care"...

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hip Hop Discussions Make My Day - Part 1

I haven't posted in a while, so I'm going to pop off like this. Hip Hop is BIG to me, and that just how it is, I can't even explain it.

LATELY, I've been have had the craziest arguments/discussions on Twitter about Hip Hip. *@DatBoiJoey* Some peoples point of views on Hip Hop I come across really baffle me, I don't see how they can vision music the way they do. Someone help me see this nonsense!! LOL

These discussions are not 100% quoted!

The first discussion I'm going to being to your attention is, I saw a tweet that read something like this - 'If Future keeps up the way he's going, in a few years he can be ranked as a top MC'. -______- WHAT?!?!? Future!?!? I really didn't think this guy was serious, and he was for real. I tried to explain to my peer that Future does have the ear of a few listeners, but that's only simply because he's new and he commercial impact AND the crazy fact about this is, Future is really ONLY known in Georgia!! COME ON SON!! This really pissed my peer off. It was funny to me though, these type of discussions really make my day. Remember this quote, "the game has got cheap, rappers is more commercially successful now but they hearts a lot weak" - Jadakiss - Letter to Big. That quote alone says so much. There's no way Future, in my eyes, will be ranked in any top category of Hip Hop ever.

The second discussion I'm going to bring up is, I saw a tweet that read - "Drake saved Hip Hop". This made me mad. LOL. I couldn't believe what I was reading. The conversation continued and my peer stated that "Drake has changed the game", all I can do was laugh. Anyone that knows me, knows that I can not respect Drakes music. I personally feels like he's taking Hip Hop in the wrong direction. I feel he is not a true artist and he's all about the dollar. When Common dissed him, I was too hype! The fact that he didn't reply back to Common definitely shows where his head is when it comes to this great culture called Hip Hop. One of the main and very important parts of Hip Hop is the BATTLE, and it wouldn't have been just any battle; Common! Common is an artist that can definitely be labeled as the face of Hip Hop and Drake is going to ignore his request for battle?!?! Get the fuck out of here! That's just like claiming you're a fighter and someone walks by and slaps the shit out you then you stand there and do nothing. That doesn't make sense at all to me. Drake is fake and soft. But lets get back to the topic peer was livid, and the thing that stuck out me the most was she kept on saying he changed Hip Hop. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. Hip Hop is HIP HOP, once you change is no longer Hip Hop, it will be considered another genre. I had to drop the mic on this chick. I couldn't bare to witness the garbage.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Must See! - Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes

The other day I was on Twitter and a video called Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes was brought to my attention. At first I really didn't think nothing of it until I finally got the chance to sit down and watch it thoroughly. The video is about hour long and I definitely consider it to be a must see project.

In a small way I pretty much dissected the video and can appreciate it for what is is. Big ups to Byron for that. The video questions the viewer with explaining and showing the difference between the culture and the music. The description of Hip Hop being proclaimed to be a box of manhood. This video was made in 1996 so views may have changed since then, but at the end of the day Hip Hop is Hip Hop and no one can change that. Violence, gender issues and the business side of the game is all addressed and made clear for those who may not understand it. There is so much more I can say, but it's all in the video.....SO WATCH THAT SHIT!!!

A few key note before you click that link/play button, some good points that really stuck out me were...

- The fact that everyone wants to be hard is a flaw in the culture...NOT the music, LOTS of people don't know how to separate the culture from the music but you have to in order to survive in the real world.

- We as people can not let our physical presentation always overtake how much knowledge we condone.

- We have to challenge sexism beyond Hip Hop. Hip Hop is not the only outlet that shows women
as sex victims.

- If you don't watch the entire video, at least fast forward to the 47:55 minute spot, here Talib Kweli makes a very important point on how some people are confused because they only listen to the radio only follow was they see on TV. ***The shit that so crazy about this point is that this small, very important segment of this video is cut off on the YouTube version of it!!! WOW, that's crazy how I caught that. I really couldn't believe that! Its cut off at 44:36 spot on the YouTube version of it. SMH*** So that being said, I wont be posting the YouTube embedded link for this, I will just post the link for it where the entire video can be viewed at

Here it is below 

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I use many websites and blogs to stay in touch and be up to date with Hip-Hop. So a tip to people that have a hard time finding music, albums or just individual songs here are "some" links I tend to visit frequently...

No particular order...

Blog site, up to date and updated frequently. Met @ReeseLew through twitter and realized we were both Hip-Hop heads. Her site focuses on Hip-Hop news and of course the rap music itself. She also post share links and videos. Good website to check if you want to know just whats going on in the Hip-Hop world. 

Blog site, you can also use to access this site. This site is ran by @DoBleDeeVo and others. I use this site to download albums and mixtapes. He's usually up to date with the latest. I check this site about every other day just to see if Im missing something. Hip-Hop is not the only genre of music that is shared on this site nor is just music, you can find movies and television series on here as well.

One of my favorite sites to visit. Updated daily. You can listen and download from this site. This site is usually "first on the scene" when I comes to new shit. I visit this site almost everyday. 

This site is similar to the site above, the only difference it only focuses on mixtapes (which is not a bad thing). Membership is required (its free). You can listen and download from here as well. Up to date and shares release dates. I check this site about every other day.

Both of these sites are very similar. Hip-Hop news and music. They cover A LOT, sometime more than what I can deal with. These site definitely make the Hip-Hop seem very big, gotta respect it! I visit these sites once every other week. 

This site here is full of links, it's pretty massive. They are HEAVY on underground stuff. You can find all kind of shit on here. Not one of my favorites but I do like to visit from time to time just to see whats poppin.

This site is very similar to, I just like better. I check this site maybe every 2 weeks.

Who doesn't visit WSHH?!? Definitely updated daily. The only thing I would advise is READ before you click. 

I don't go directly to this site, my Google searches take me here. When Im hunting down an old on new album its usually carried my mediafire. A quick download and you can have whatever you want.


When searching the web for a song or album, add the word "zip" to the end of the search, 90% of the time you'll find a torrent site that has the source(s) you are looking for.

I conclude here... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st blog - Intro

I'm Joey. I joined Blogger to give a shot at this blogging shit. I guess I'll just have to see how this goes for myself. My main reason for starting up this blog is to express my thoughts and vision about Hip-Hop, so pretty much this is a Hip-Hop blog. "Views from a Hip-Hop head". Take it or leave, I don't care if you read it or not..somebody will.

I'm from NY and I live in GA. My love for music, especially Hip-Hop, is unconditional. Figured this blog will keep readers up to date of what I listen to what I think about it, new and old music. Ill probably post pictures of artist or album cover, links and other things as that.